Kidato_EdTech startup in Kenya



Kidato is an EdTech startup company in Kenya. This company has been established in 2020 by Sam Gichuru.
Kidato is an online school for K-12 students that provides high-quality, affordable education to the growing middle class in Africa. Normally parents in Africa must often choose between either public schools with student-teacher ratios as high as 50:1 or private schools with expensive tuition fees. Kidato classes have student-teacher ratios of 5:1 and teach the same rigorous international curriculum as other private schools — but at a fraction of the price.


Kidato already has managed 30 students in the full school in its first two semesters, and it has enough bookings to triple that in the new school year. It has more than 400 registered students, and over 200 students use it for supplement learning with skill-based classes. Kidato has over 30 tutors, and half of them work as full time worker.

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